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Give back with us!

Posted by Puffy Lamb on

As a parent during the time of pandemic, all I want is my children are safe at home because we have the means to let them stay home comfortably, study online, food on table for them, everyday. But this is not the case for every children here in SG.

During this time, children and youth from underprivileged families have to go back to school not only for their school work (mostly no internet access or laptops  at home), these institutions also provide meals daily and not letting these children go hungry. But some may not even able to go to school due to some unseen circumstances, this means no meal will be provided for them. There are many out there living in difficult situations that we may not understand.

Help us to help them. As a small business owner, we need your support to go forward with this small plan of ours. Together with our effort, these children will have regular meals. Enabling them to redeem meals regardless whether they are heading back to school at this period.

We will be contributing 10% of our online sales towards the local charity, Sayang Sayang Fund which will support the underprivileged families, frontline healthcare workers and needy seniors. #givingback #localcommunity

We will match the contributed amount from the sales proceeds up to SGD$300 till 04th May 2020, we hope that we can achieve this goal as soon as possible.

At the meantime we are still sewing more fabric masks for the community.