New pop-up Alert 12th April -14th April 2019

New pop-up Alert 12th April -14th April 2019

Hope its not too late to tell everyone of our collaboration with local bulk, package less store Eco.le, together with other local makers of sustainable products ranging from artisan handmade soaps ( HimmelBlue Soaps), beewax wraps (Mini Makers) and us, SimplecottonbyPuffylamb.

Visit us at the at the Takashimaya Atrium from 10am to 9.30pm for the 3-days event.

Sneak peek showcase of our handmade products in the event :

Handmade Facial pads :

We are bringing back our popular facial pads,

3" by 3" flannelette facial pads  

Neutral colours

#men #neutral

We support local handmade, do you?

Why handmade?
Every handmade item has it’s little unique story. Every imperfection, every texture tells us how they were produced.
There is no comparison to lifeless, low priced mass-produced stuffs.
Handmade products may not look as perfect like factory 🏭 made because they don’t come in moulds.
Every penny you pay for handmade 99% goes into the production.
Next time when shopping for handmade, stop and think 💭 don’t compare with bulk products. We are just not the same 😊

Emergency grocer bag:

Zero-plastic emergency bag #saynomore

Comes in both white and turquoise with handmade cotton pouches for easy carry in bags.


Natural EO diffuser ;

For this fair only, these handmade crochet jute coasters comes with each purchase of pods :)

There are still couple of interesting products in the fair. Do drop by or you can follow us at our IG @simplecottonbypl


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