Where to print affordable stickers for small business owners in Singapore?

Where to print affordable stickers for small business owners in Singapore?

I was approached by SingaPrinting team through an email offering a range of sticker printing services for branding.

I am reusing packaging boxes for all of my orders, read our packaging policy. The main principle is to reuse and reduce packaging waste, using less materials for packaging as much as possible. The only way to indicate my brand currently is by writing on these reused packagings. But soon I realised that having a brand sticker goes beyond aesthetic. They are a great solution on labelling my brand on these packages where these reused packagings aren't always the best surface to write on.

I decided to go ahead with the sticker printing with SingaPrinting team and kickstart the process by sending the team a PDF logo that I made via canva.comselecting the highest possible printing resolution. Their professional design team also helped me to convert the colour schemes correctly for best printing quality. Check out the Artwork guide with SingaPrinting. 

As soon as we finalised the artwork I had sent, they proceed to print my stickers. It didn't take too long on delivering the stickers to me via courier. Click SingaPrinting Shipping information 

I didn't wait too long for the parcel to arrive and I had made an unboxing reel in our IG @puffylamb. To my surprise, it looks better than I expected.

I like the simplicity of the design and the material that is printed on, kraft paper stickers.

Simple. Just like our slogan. 

puffy lamb stickers

image : Puffylamb 

The whole process was easy and short delivery timeline after final artwork confirmation. If you are short on time, please feel free to contact the team for more information.

 I am excited having these stickers and they are going to be ready for my new product which I hope to use them at craft markets, workshops next year (2023).

puffy lamb brand stickers
image : Puffylamb
The SingaPrinting team also sent me their material samples and I was impressed by the paper quality they are using. 

puffy lamb brand stickers

image : Puffylamb
The hologram sticker sample also look cool! 

Puffylamb stickers singaprinting singapore

image : Puffylamb
Did you see how the colour changed from different angles? (pics shown above)

As a small business owner, I understand the challenges we faced. With limited workforce and budget, we try to keep things streamline and simple as much as possible. We always on the lookout for the most affordable way to sustain our livelihood. 

If you ask me if they are affordable for small businesses, I would say Yes and recommend you to use their services if you are budget friendly printing services on increasing awareness your brand.







*This blogpost is a collaboration and stickers were sponsored by SingaPrinting. 

Personal review by Puffylamb.com

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