CottonMesh Grocer Bag  White
CottonMesh Grocer Bag  White

CottonMesh Grocer Bag White

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Why use reusable bags for your Grocery shopping?

According to local reports, plastic (bags) takes average of 450 years to decompose. So what happens to those not compostable? Mostly are incerated, some are dumped into improper places and somehow they can be found in open waters where these plastic are broken into micro plastic consumed by the sea life which some ends up as our 'food' onto our dining table. In the end, we are hurting ourselves. Sad to say that only 7% of plastics are recycled in Singapore.
What's your reason of not to stop using these plastic products?

Start small, Start now, change your lifestyle by using these reusable mesh bag with *small carrier cotton drawstring pouch for easy storage after use.
Reusable styling mesh bag for use in beach or going to market for your fresh produce. Use less plastic bags.
All mesh bags are pre-washed with Organic Castile Soap.

Hand wash recommended .
Hang to dry.

Handle total length of 46cm (from one end to another)
Small and compact.

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