Year 2022 New business update.

Year 2022 New business update.

There are some business changes made this year 2022. I know four months had gone by, thus this update seems late but nevertheless I had been working quietly behind the scenes, sorting out whatever that need to be while tirelessly supervising my 12 yo in his coming exam.

I have finally decided to streamline my social media activity, keeping things simple by merging my Zerowaste based products, @simplecottonbypuffylamb with my original IG account @puffylamb and I am handling all the production, planning, social media myself like other small online businesses.

 As I will be focusing less in production and put more emphasis on sustainable sewing 🧵, sharing ideas on how to reduce waste. Other than sewing, maybe I can slip in one or two upcycling ideas as well.

New printable section for who may like fuss free and less-waste gifts. 

More Instagram reels on I will share more how I make them, more workshops materials both physical and online.

So many things in my mind at this point so little time to do it all. Thank you for all your patience and support all these years. So please stay tuned for other new activities here in PUFFYLAMB.





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