Mindfulness Crochet - Free beginners crochet facial pad pattern

Mindfulness Crochet - Free beginners crochet facial pad pattern

Mindfulness Crochet

Mindfulness is a way to tune ourselves to be aware of into the present moment through techniques. Some practice through with yoga, meditations, knitting or something I like to do, crochet.

crochet scarves

You can reach out for your crochet stash whenever you feel overwhelmed and needed a time out. The repetitive motion with one to two basic stitches with no elaborate designs in mind, sitting comfortably at your cosy corner and crochet right away. Focusing on crocheting one loop at a time, counting the stitches slowly. A crochet pattern that do not require increasing or decreasing stitches like a long rectangular scarf will be great, the longer the better or till your yarn runs out.

You can just do simple chain stitches and keep going. If there is a choice of yarn selection, start those comfortable to work with and gradually move to other material to enjoy different level of relaxation.

Forget complicated designs or patterns, just in and out the same simple couple of stitches. Practice whenever you can. Set realistic timeline to complete if you are making something out of it.

Even if you don’t have a project in mind, you can just grab your yarn and crochet needle and do it right away with no prior planning.

Just enjoy the moment, don’t be too hard on yourself. Even if the finished project doesn’t seem to look like what you might in mind, just unravel the project back to a ball of yarn, till the next time of crochet practice.

If you have a basic knowledge of crochet, I have a couple of free patterns for you to have which you can enjoy using it at your home.

<materials needed : Cotton yarn, Crochet needle 5mm>

Free pattern

Basic Crochet : Crochet Facial Pad Pattern

Estimate guide size 6cm by 6cm.

Stitches abbreviation used (US) :

Chain (ch)

Single Crochet (sc)

Stitches (st)

Worst weight yarn, 5mm or H8 crochet needle.

Row 0 : ch11

Row 1 : sc at the second st from the hook (10th ch st of the foundation ch), sc 9 till the end of the foundation ch, ch1, turn

Row 2: Start sc at the second st from the hook, sc across the row, ch1 & turn.

Row 3-9 : Repeat Row 2 of this pattern until you reaches the 9th row or the required size.

Row 10 : Start sc at the second st from the hook, sc across the row, 

1. Cut the excess yarn and hook the tail into the loop and tighten it.

Weave the tail into the main project.

 colored crochet wash cloths cotton

 Here are our crochet basic workshop details, click here

crochet back scrubber 

Enjoy the process and you will have created something before you know it. There is definitely a great satisfaction for a finished project.

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