Looking for ideas on how to reduce the use of plastic bags?
There are 5 ways on how to reduce plastic bags for your shopping 🛒.
1. Refuse extra plastic bags from local produce market when buying your fresh fruits 🍉 and vegetables 🌽.
image : IG @simplecottonbypl
Sometimes due to force of habit, the stall owners/ cashiers at supermarket checkout were too quick to pack our purchases into the plastic bags even you had repeated yourself multiple times before.
Just be patient, refuse them nicely and pack your groceries into your own produce bags.
2. Reuse your extra lunch boxes to carry other fragile produce to prevent bruising and other wet purchases. Get those reusable lunch boxes that are freezer safe incase there is a need to put your produce in the freezer.
image : IG @simplecottonbypl
3. Plan your grocery shopping to prevent over buying and this will also help to reduce food wastage. A Shopping list.
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image source : Internet 
4. Pack extra reusable bags in car 🚗 or handbags 👜 for impromptu shopping. 
5. Wrap your purchases with your extra 🧣scarf as furoshiki, show off the artistic side of you 😆 
Need idea how to make one? Click here

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