The HDB Tai Tai or not?

Tai Tai (太太). A colloquial term for married women with or without kids, not working for a salary, stays at home either with or without domestic helper to deal with housework. Spend time at home, gym, gathering , tea or shopping (anywhere) most of the time and nothing important like a salaried job. Tai Tai which is also used as salutations for married women regardless financial status.

Continuing from my IG post. The all time favorite question that was asked when met up with a casual acquaintance,  Let's call them CA in short. 

CA : “Are you working now?”

ME : “No “

CA: “Ah, Tai Tai*, so good life.”

Is that a compliment?

ME : “Nah, more like a maid.”

CA : “Still good life, at least you can spend your time outside and enjoy the day.”

I hope it is a heartfelt compliment.

Me :” Thanks!”

End of topic.

Usually I would stop my conversation there, I do my best to keep the topic short and pleasant. Unless that particular day I feel the need the justification of my way of life, maybe I had a bad day and thirsty for a boost of ego which usually don't end well and not being vindicated.

I will describe myself of being the unpaid maid of the house with no leave, 24/7 working hours, I cannot job hop whenever I want to and require to sleep with my ‘boss’. This usually cracked them up, those acquaintances. 

In retaliation, I would give great details of what I do in a day till the time I was totally burnt out by the time I hit the bed at midnight or beyond. But I learnt that they are not  interested for any of my explanation. Nothing will change their mind and I don’t going to go further because there isn’t a need. End of the day, I don't have to answer to anyone else but my family I love.

Whenever I am seen outside ‘normal’ working hours doing stuffs that don’t aligned with money making, I am usually labelled as Tai Tai and am used to it and sure can take that as a compliment now. I am in a better place to talk about being a housewife at home without feeling bad about it. 

Others may see me or any other stay home parent at a cafe enjoying that coffee may not know the struggles we are facing daily. That me-time in that small cafe, is could be just a short 30 min break from the chaos of our daily chores. We are entitled to enjoy that cuppa without prejudice.



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