3 natural ways to quick relief your puffy eyes in the morning.

3 natural ways to quick relief your puffy eyes in the morning.

As a mother of two schooling children, my day starts from as early as six o’clock in the morning and end around ten in the evening. Most of the days, I will drag my bedtime beyond twelve midnight, catching up with some online reading and videos. All I have is about six hours of sleep, quality sleep if I am lucky!

What causes tired eyes or puffy eyes?

They can be due to genetics, food, lifestyles. We can reduce the frequency of the eye puffiness by having a more holistic approach to our routine whenever possible. Saying is easy but we just have to make an effort, so at the meantime while we are still figuring out how to fine tune our hectic lifestyle, here are some personal tips on quick relief for puffy and tired eyes.

 1. "Used Tea bags"

Not an avid tea drinker but my husband is. I also brew kombucha using green tea in bags but changed them out by when I found out that most tea bags are made of synthetic materials, so did the way I brew my tea for my kombucha, using loose tea leaves only.

You can definitely can use these tea bags if you have them in your kitchen. Don’t throw them out after brewing your tea, take those tea bags out into your chiller overnight and use them the next morning over your tired eyes for a quick relief, then use reusable facial squares to clean it up any residue left by the teabags .

( Number of time use : maybe 3 times)

2. ‘Eyes’ Cold water

Super easy and cost saving! All you need is a dedicated container for your ‘Eyes’ cold water. I used cooled boiled water from tap then you can either put in two of your reusable facial squares into the container overnight or just dipped in the clean facial pads whenever you need the application in the morning and anytime of the day! Just cover your tired eyes with the damped facial pads unfolded to cover whole eye below your brows or fold them in half for just the under eye application.

You can add in some extra ingredients to your water mix e.g. diy distilled rose water, witch hazel & etc. I like simple and quick relief, I stayed with plain water for the time being.

Reusable facial pads

👆Just place the reusable facial pads below your eyes. 

3. Eyes massages

“Use your ring finger only”

The ring finger gives the right pressure for the delicate skin around our eye area. Gently tapping around your eyes for about 20-30 seconds will help circulation, not sure if it helps dark circles but I do feel good after these gentle massages after the cold applications with my reusable facial pads. #unpapersg


Hope these 3 tips helps your issues with puffy and tired eyes anytime of the day.  I would like to hear from your own natural eye care routine, do head over to our IG @puffylamb , feel free to tag us your posts, or comment in our other posts and share your favourite self care routine.


>>Disclaimer : I am NOT a medical professional. What I have shared were based on my own experiences. For professional medical advices, please refer to your doctors.
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