Sew your own zerowaste essentials : Cutlery 🍴  Wrap

Sew your own zerowaste essentials : Cutlery 🍴 Wrap

Why byo your own cutlery?

Due to the pandemic, many eateries who previously encouraged byo have opted for single-use disposables instead. Many had sited due to hygiene concerns and therefore disposables are used both for take-outs and dine-in customers.

Some have resorted to biodegradable, compostable cutleries and containers which might take more resources to produce. All our wastes in Singapore are going to be incinerated either way, making the idea of 'eco-friendly' or 'compostable' alternatives of single-use disposables unrealistic.

One way to make sure you don't use contaminated eating utensils 🍴or do not want to use in store cutleries is to bring your own. You can prepare a set of cutlery for eating out by looking into your kitchen. If not, you can get your reusable cutleries in wood, coconut or stainless steels.

coconut cultery wth handmade fabric cutlery wrap

If you plan to bring your own cutlery for eat-outs, personalised your own cutlery holder by sewing by hand or machine either using scrap fabrics or upcycle from other resources you might find at home. It is a great gift idea  for your friends who are embarking the creating less waste journey with you.

If you like to learn how to sew a reusable cutlery wrap using sewing machine, come and join us for a fun 3 hour sewing basics workshop in May. Not only will you make yourself zerowaste essentials, you will also pick up the basic skills on how to use the sewing machine which you can make tons of reusables with!

Check the dates here!Sew workshop at Eco.Le

Sewing with on-site machine at Eco.Le :

As a participant of the sewing workshop, you will be given free access of first 3 hours of on-site machine rental at Eco.Le after the workshop. Appointment is  required.

sewing machine rental singapore Eco.le
*Basic operation of sewing machine is prerequisites of sewing machine rental



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