Reusable Towels : Why use reusable kitchen towels.

Reusable Towels : Why use reusable kitchen towels.

Going paper-free in the kitchen.

Unfortunately, most of us have been using paper towels for years and going paper-free, is that even possible?


Using reusable kitchen towels is more convenient than you think. You will never run out of kitchen un-paper towel at home and many more. 

The hardest bit to go paper-less kitchen is to break the kitchen paper towel habit. Just go through your last bit of paper towel, switch to reusable ones for a change.

Is it hard to wash?

Just add on to your regular laundry pile and that's it!

I would recommend to set aside one pile of kitchen towels meant for deep cleaning. Clean the cloth immediately with dish soap to remove the grease and wash with warm water, then toss it to the washer after grease are removed. (more cleaning tips, click here)

Make sure you have enough reusable kitchen towels to go around so that you will not run out of it when a pile are in the washer.


(patterned un-paper towel @simplecottonbypl)


In average, estimated at least $200 (based on the lowest count pieces per roll, not included the top absorbent brands in the market) is thrown into landfills in a year for a family who relies solely on the paper kitchen towels. 

Non paper towels are made to last, with proper care they can be around in your kitchen longer than expected. Going to paper-less kitchen is easy, eco-friendly and therefor cost effective. 

So what do you think?  



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