New Fabric Face Masks

New Fabric Face Masks

Hi all,

Here is my first post of 2022 and it has been a while since my last blog post. :P

Today I like to share about the new fabric masks that I had made recently.

I had made a set of new fabric masks for myself with this awesome free template link here by @japanesesewingbook. I was searching a better design to replace my old ones which didn’t really provide me a nice structured space for moving my mouth without sticking on face while talking so I am really glad that I had found her @japanesewingbook online. 

With some trial and error, I had made some modifications from the original template to an adjustable bands and sizing so to fit better. For myself, I had reused elastic bands which I had harvested from the old reusable masks except the main beautiful fabric that I had acquired some time back where I had made mini triangles zippers pouches for my trace together tokens. I decided to list some on site as it had garnered some interest among friends and regular customers.

Wore this out for Chinese new year’s visiting.

If you can sew and would like to make your own, click this link here for free template download and video. 

If you like the fabric choice and a brand new adjustable elastic band design I offer, please do drop by to take a look at our product page 

Thank you for supporting local makers!



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