Reusable Kitchen Towels : How to wash and reuse?

Reusable Kitchen Towels : How to wash and reuse?

Draining fried food, cleaning up without using paper? How do I clean unpaper towels? 

As some might think is a hassle but cleaning up the stains and grease on that un-paper towels is not difficult as you think.

Here are some tips I like to share on how you can effectively clean out those stubborn grease on that reusable kitchen towels that you might have used to clean those frying pans.

Use separate pile of un-paper towels

Set aside one pile of reusable towels meant for deep cleaning only such as wiping up tough grease on stove-top and cooking pans and pots. Prepare yourself with some plain dark coloured reusable towels specifically for such purposes only.

( Glass jar of reusable kitchen towels for deep cleaning purposes. Image : IG@simplecottonbypl )
How to remove the oil-stained towels.

There are a few ways that I had found it effective to reduce the stains and also extend the life of those reusable towels:

Dish soaps are known to be used on removing tough grease. Clean the towels immediately with dish soap to remove the grease and wash with warm water. The point is not to wait for the stain to settle. Rinse thoroughly before tossing into the washer.

Washing soda and warm water solution. Washing soda as known as Sodium Carbonate is highly alkaline that will effectively cut grease and stain. But do note that direct contact might cause mild skin irritation, other than that it is safe to use to clean.

Soak the stained cloths into the of solution (1/4 cup washing soda and a bucket of warm water) for an hour or more, depending how bad is the stain, then toss them into the washer and wash as usual.

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Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) with a pot of boiling water. The most common way to clean kitchen cloth and useful to remove odour. Commonly found in supermarkets.

Rinse them with hand a few times.

When using these reusable towels for lighter chores, like soaking up spilled water or drinks, you can wash-rinse them by hand for a few times before putting them into the washer with regular laundry. If you have it stained by coloured drinks, using washing soda to soak prior machine is recommended.


Do you have other home remedy to clean these reusable kitchen towels? We love to know more, let us know by commenting in our IG post :)

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