Our Handmade

About Us:

Hi I am Carlyn, maker of PUFFYLAMB.

I started creating by hand making hair accessories while I was taking care my new born in September of 2007. Browsing through the website realising that I can customise make those accessories with some simple materials available to me at that time and with my hubby frequent work travel made it easier for me to access new designs and ideas. This new passion helped me to stay sane as a new mom. PuffyLambBows was then started from there and then from local made toddlers accessories to current PUFFYLAMB a local handmade (project space).

As years goes by, I felt that PuffyLamb was just a ‘hobby’ and an occasional outlet for my creativity till I found a local zero waste group in 2017. Years of self-taught sewing, crocheting which I have been ’training’ for had a new and meaningful purpose.

Pulled out my old crochet needles that were kept in store for years, I started to create home necessities using the scrap yarns and tee-shirts. Dusted the forgotten sewing machine from the corner of my room has now become my go-to work tool.

One thing led to another and I joined The Green Collective in April of 2018. The new green initiative was led by awesome people in local sustainability industry that helped me and other like-minded local start-up giving us an increase exposure through them.  

Reduce, reuse, rethink, recreate.

Simple and functional.

Why Handmade?

Every handmade item has it’s little unique story. Every imperfection, every texture tells us how they were produced.
There is no comparison to lifeless, low priced mass-produced stuffs.
Handmade products may not look as perfect like factory 🏭 made because they don’t come in moulds.
Every penny you pay for handmade 99% goes into the production.
Next time when shopping for handmade, stop and think 💭 don’t compare with bulk products. We are just not the same 😊