Reusable kitchen towels designs


Fabric swatches for our reusable products : reusable kitchen towels, napkins, bento bags, cutlery bags, facial pads.


Theme : Bunnies

Turquoise ( rabbit)
Turquoise (Bunny)


Mustard (Bunny)
Mustard (Bunny) LOW IN STOCK


Bunny and Daisy  NEW 2021


Theme : Fox

Blue Fox

Blue Fox

Orange Fox

Orange Fox

Grey Fox

Grey Fox


Theme : Forest buddies

bunnies and bears 

Fawn friends



Magical forest 


Forest friends

Forest Friends (NEW)


Winter friends

Farm Friends (NEW) 2021


Sloths (NEW) 2021

Green Bees (NEW) 2021

Bee to Bees : only available in reusable facial rounds 

koala heads 

Koala Heads (NEW) 2021



Theme : Florals



Pink Bouquet

Pink Bouquet (NEW)

wild colour flowers

Wild colour flowers LOW IN STOCK

Theme : Geometrical designs

Grey Checks

Grey Checks LOW IN STOCK



Pastel Rainbow

Pastel Rainbow LOW IN STOCK

Little Houses

Little Houses LOW IN STOCK

Geo Rainbow 

Chevron Rainbows

Dalmation Prints

Dalmatians spots 2021


Colour spots

Colourful spots 2021

Almond Prints NEW 2021