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What is SimpleCottonbyPL?

In SimpleCottonByPuffyLamb,
we want to promote simple lifestyle and provide functional products by following our core principles : 
SIMPLE in design .
FUNCTIONAL for daily lives.
[ Why handmade? ]
Every handmade item has it’s little unique story. Every imperfection, every texture tells us how they were produced.
There is no comparison to lifeless, low priced mass-produced products.
Handmade products may not look as perfect like factory made because they don’t come in moulds.
Every penny you pay for handmade 99% goes into the production.
So next time when shopping for handmade items, stop and think don’t compare with factory made mass products.
We are just not the same, we are flawed in the most perfect way.

Here in Puffylamb we support handmade products, work with local businesses and support local businesses through collaborations / wholesale.
If you have the same passion as we do, please feel free to contact us.
SG 🇸🇬 registered business