Zerowaste gift wrapping with cotton azuma bag
Azuma bag containing the fresh produce from grocer
handmade azuma bags double as bento bags
Azuma bento bag
Azuma bento bag
Azuma bento bag
Azuma bento bag

Azuma bento bag

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Azuma Bento Bag

Inspired the simple versatile design from Japan. They are made of breathable soft cotton with bold and colourful designs for different occasions. 

You can use them as :

*Bread Bags, *bento bags, *gift bags, *food storage.

Product information:

They are overlocked/ serged on edges for enhanced durability.

Pre-washed needed.

Made with single layer of cotton flannelette

Est. dimensions : Large size: 14" by 11" (layflat) (35.5cm by 28cm)


How to wash :

Machine wash with cold water.