Knitted kitchen dish scrubs
Knitted kitchen dish scrubs

Knitted kitchen dish scrubs

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Why the need to 🛑 STOP using disposable dish sponges 🧽?

Through multiple washes, they disintegrate into micro plastics into our sewage system then most likely find their way into the marine life, which most likely end up in our food 🍱


Our washable knitted jute scrubs are easy to care for.

👉Simply hand wash and hang up to dry after a day’s chore,

🌞 sun it at least once a week.  👉It don’t trap smell and gets softer on every use.

They are made of natural fibres, jute and cotton edges. 😉 Perfect zerowaste swap for your kitchen essentials! 

dimension : 5.5” by 4”

crochet edges with band for secure better handling while scrubbing, washing. Random colour selections of edging, only either a choice of neutral or colours & we will match to your selected category