reusable cotton squares
small upcycled cotton squares

Nail polish removing reusable Cotton squares

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👉Need to remove your nail polish and don’t want to use disposables anymore ? 🤷‍♀️

Nothing goes to waste.

These soft cotton mini squares are made from fabric scraps from other sewing projects ( facial rounds / unpaper towels) .

Size ranges from : 1.5" up to 2" squares or rectangles.  

These random size reusable cotton pads are also great for serum for small area applications. They are made of 100% cotton flannelette, soft to sensitive skins. 

Or use them to remove hard to wash nail polish 💅 . They can be 

 Random designs and various sizes in a bundle.

Each bundle of 30pcs of random sizes and patterns   

Handmade in Singapore.