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Zerowaste Starter Pack : 10 Reusable facial rounds and bag set

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What is a REUSABLE Facial round?

We have made it easier to start your zerowaste journey by eliminating disposables facial pads and cotton balls with these set of 10 soft reusable cotton facial rounds. They are in 3" by 3" made in 2-ply 100% cotton flannelette. An eco-friendly way to replace the disposables cotton pads for your daily facial, skincare routine, first aid. 

Surprise prints, patterns of the facial rounds comes in a set with chosen drawstring designs. 

Product information:

Reusable facial rounds :

They are overlocked/ serged on edges for enhanced durability.

Pre-washed needed before use and absorbency will increase after few washes.

Drawstring pouch: 

Comes with a 18cm by 20cm cotton reusable 1ply  utility drawstring bag with every set purchased. 

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