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Zerowaste Beginners Starter pack : Reusable napkins/ towels and cotton pads

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Are you starting your zerowaste journey and have no idea where to begin?

We have this ZeroWaste beginners starter pack with sample pieces that include 3pcs reusable facial pads, 3pcs reusable towels and 01pc cotton drawstring bag. 

Product information:

They are overlocked/ serged on edges for enhanced durability.

Pre-washed needed before use and absorbency will increase after few washes, shrinkage will occur first wash and stay in perfect size for napkins, kitchen towels, handkerchief & etc.

3pcs REUSABLE facial rounds :

They are in 3" by 3" made in 2-ply 100% cotton flannelette. An eco-friendly way to replace the disposables cotton squares for your daily facial, skincare routine, first aid. Random patterns / colours.

3pcs Reusable kitchen Napkins /  towels:

Dimension of 10" by 10" in 1-ply 100% cotton flannelette. Going to paper-less kitchen, start using these un-paper napkins / towels. Comes in random colourful designs.

Comes in random designs from patterned to plain. 

Reusable cotton flannelette Napkins / kitchen towels and reusable facial pads are handmade in Singapore.

01pc Drawstring reusable bag:

Dimension of 10" by 7.5" 100% unbleached cotton drawstring bag.

Washing instructions:

Just give a quick rinse if stained before tossing into washer, cold wash only, no ironing needed. Hang to dry. Applies to both Reusable napkins/ kitchen towels and facial pads.


--> Patterns available for reference.

Wholesale available, please contact us for details.