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Surprise Crazy Crumbs Handmade Scrunchies

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Handmade scrunchies!
Help us to reuse the offcuts and keep them away from landfills.

Let us surprise your package with the colour of the scrunchie in store. We will send you any random colours we have in stock. Not only saving these offcuts away from going to waste, scrunchies are also gentle to hair and will not give you hair tangles.

Hair scrunchies are made with leftover fabrics as known as offcuts from our other flannelette projects. We are left of odd pieces which are too small for some of the products and wasteful to throw away. These are salvaged by sewing them together to make into scrunchies.

However, we will try to match your colour preference, just drop us a message via email. We will do our best to look for them.

Material : 100% cotton flannelette for the outer casing, rubber hair ties inside, as shown in picture 4.

#zerowaste #upcycle