Gift wrapping ideas : 3 Zerowaste style

Gift wrapping ideas : 3 Zerowaste style

We can wrap a present nicely without creating unnecessary waste. How to replace those conventional wrapping paper with reusable materials?

1. Cloth / decorative fabrics

Have you heard about Furoshiki? It is a method of using a big piece of cloth for gift wrapping or transportation of item. The cloth is then reuse for other purposes.

2. Bags or Pouches

Azuma bukuro, traditional cloth bag or also as known as Origami bag due to the way it folded then sewn as a carrier to contain bento or as grocery bags.

Origami Bag nicely tied up as gift wrap

3. Using empty beautiful boxes e.g. mooncake boxes

You can reuse them to hold your handmade gifts and present them as it is with the nice decorative box. The recipients can reuse the box for other storage purposes.

 cotton rounds, unpapersg towels and crochet soap savers packed in reused mooncake gift boxes


Click here for video demo on how to zerowaste pack your gifts.





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